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OBA-056-SUB Cuckold Hot Springs Vacation - Bursting With Adulterous Passion Under The Steam Hisae Yabe [English Subtitle]

English Subtitle version Hisae and her husband, plus her daughter Yuko and her husband Tatsuro, take a family vacation at a hotel out in the middle of nowhere. Tatsuro's an exemplary employee at the business Hisae's husband runs, and since he's an impeccable husband to Yuko, too, Hisae and her husband have nothing but praise for him. Right after arriving at the hotel, Hisae heads straight to the hot spring. She relaxes blissfully, wrapped up in happy thoughts of her husband's company and her daughter's family, but she spots a man peeping on her in the bath. Just who could that be...?!. Rate and discuss this video with other people.
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